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Interview with the Chancellor

Kyr Kittaj with the Galactic News Network. I was invited to the home of the new galactic senate on Rhen Var for an interview with Selkisto Horten Chancellor of the People Galactic Alliance.

We spoke of the newly constructed Senate, its goals and the challenges the PGA faces in moving forward. As well as discussed the conflict between the Imperial factions on Coruscant and Onderon, with a take on the Countess Jade’s return to the Onderon Royalty.

*Holorecording Begins*

Kyr Kittaj nods taking a seat pulling out her holorecorder turning it on "As I understand it you already had the first senate meeting. I have seen the vid of it unfortunately I was not chosen to attend

Selkisto Horten shakes his head, "We just submitted the senate hall's holovids, we didn't have any reporters there for this meeting, we're still figuring everything out. Future meetings will be open for observation.

Kyr Kittaj smiles and nods "I would be happy to record any future meeting for the Galactic news if I am invited to return"

Selkisto Horten nods.

Kyr Kittaj: I was eager to get an interview with you chancellor after being able to Interview the Executor on Onderon. Did you see that news report?

Selkisto Horten: I did. It was pretty amusing.

Kyr Kittaj perks one ear a little "What do you mean by amusing?"

Selkisto Horten shrugs. "Usual basic empty insults and accusations, while claiming good intents. Honestly, I'd say the accomplishments of the PGA and Fel Empire speak for themselves.

Kyr Kittaj: What is your opinion on the current split of the Imperial factions? The PGA has been clear in its support of the Imperials on Coruscant under the Emperor is that correct?

Selkisto Horten nods, "As far as the PGA is concerned, they are the only true Imperials. I said the day we kicked Ardonis off of Coruscant that if a true Fel returns, we would fully recognize them and their Empire. Well, she did, and we did. The Remnant is supposed to be the 'true Fel Empire,' but it seems kind of stupid to say that when your whole existence is based on resisting a government led by a true Fel.

Kyr Kittaj: What do you believe is the reason for this split in the Empire?

Selkisto Horten: Ardonis wants power. Jade herself said this in a previous interview- Ardonis wants to have a dictatorship, where he's in charge. That's why we ousted him- because he was imposing his will on us, when he has no right to. We believe in freedom, especially freedom from oppression. A lot of people fought for that, a lot of good people died for it. I'm just thankful those who did die didn't die in vain."

Kyr Kittaj: As I understand Countess Jade has actually returned to the royal family on Onderon and is now working with Ardonis.

Selkisto Horten: She's also fallen to the dark side. Makes you think, huh?

Kyr Kittaj: Fallen to the dark side? What do you mean by that?

Selkisto Horten: As most people know, as with the previous Republic, the Jedi have been an integral part of the PGA. We're aware of Sith and the threat they pose to the Republic. The Jedi have been the Force-sensitive element of our defense forces, the other of course being GAR, and the PGAF. Shortly after her exile from the Royal Family, our allies among the Jedi discovered that she had fallen to the Dark Side. After that, she returned to Onderon- curiously, to open arms.

Kyr Kittaj: You are saying that Countess Jade in in fact one of the Sith?

Selkisto Horten shrugs. "Would you believe she would so vehemently oppose Ardonis, change her mind overnight, and do a one-eighty and return fully embracing his dictatorship?

Selkisto Horten: She was willing to face exile for what she believed in, now she isn't. What the Jedi have uncovered is consistent with her behavior.

Kyr Kittaj: The executor however has stated that he does not support Sith and forced them off of Onderon

Selkisto Horten: Actually, in that interview, he didn't seem to have 'forced' them so much as said, 'I'm more worried about the Republic than I am of evil Sith like yourselves." He seemed pretty friendly to the idea of joining them to defeat us. Friendly compared to our reaction, which would be more along the lines of 'Hell no.'

Selkisto Horten: It was actually more of a deal. Ardonis would get Onderon if he let the Sith roam free.

Selkisto Horten: Seems a step backwards to me. Even Talmerith's Empire that occupied Onderon removed the Sith who tried to come into the city.

Kyr Kittaj: The deal as he stated to me was that the Sith would have to leave Onderon the he offered to have a list of ones who would have amnesty however no list was ever completed
Selkisto Horten: Yet one of the Remnant was kicked out after trying to arrest a Sith. They went through with the deal.. which is unthinkable.

Kyr Kittaj: Who was this member of the remnant?

Selkisto Horten: A Riley West. He now works with the Jedi.

Kyr Kittaj: I see. Now the position of yourself and the PGA against Ardonis before has been quite clear. However the feud between the new Emperor Chris and the executor seems mired in a personal dispute over the deceased Empress Naja, do you have any comment on that?
Selkisto Horten leans back. "It's funny, I watched the whole thing from the beginning. Ardonis and Chris were close.. Ardonis apparently said Chris was like a 'son' to him. But after Chris started getting close to Naja, Ardonis started getting underhanded.. Chris also found out a lot about Ardonis.. and then he made that deal with Wraith… who we destroyed, by the way." He points out the window, "Not far from here. Another mess Ardonis made, that we had to fix."

Selkisto Horten: Finally he attacked Chris and Naja on their wedding. We responded quickly, subdued him, and Chris asked to have him held in PGA prisons, as he could get out of the Imperial ones. He was blown out of prison and we haven't seen him since."

Kyr Kittaj nods "Alright on a more positive note How do you feel about the results of the first senate meeting? Before this there had been a great deal of criticism over how long it was taking the PGA to establish the senator

Selkisto Horten chuckles. "A lot of that criticism came from the Remnant- there's a lot of obstacles.. economic, logistic, political.. where were we going to build it? Where would we get the resources, and who would pay for it? Then there's the issue of getting all the senators together, safely, not to mention setting up elections for them. A lot of time, a lot of effort, a good deal of funds.. these things don't happen overnight. But it's finally done.." he waves a hand around, "And here it is."

Kyr Kittaj: How many senators do you have now? And how often do you intend to have senate meetings?
Selkisto Horten: We have four senators, and three representatives.. the Intergalactic Banking Clan may join soon, as well as Bakura.

Kyr Kittaj: What planets do the current senators and representatives come from?

Selkisto Horten: Barlok, the Talz World Clan, which represents Alzoc 3 and Orto Plutonian, Kashyyyk, and Velmor.

Selkisto Horten: There's representatives for the United Jedi of the Republic, the PGAF, and the Fel Empire.

Kyr Kittaj: How are groups or planets able to join the senate?

Selkisto Horten: Well, senators need to be elected by their constituents, and while those constituents don't need to be PGA citizens, the senators themselves do. The elections also need to be verified by the PGA.
Selkisto Horten: No one in a position of power in their local government can be a senator, also- so for instance, Emperor Fel could not run for senator of the PGA.

Kyr Kittaj: And how are representatives chosen? what groups are eligible for it?

Selkisto Horten: Representatives may be appointed, to represent groups that are either defense forces within the PGA, such as the Jedi and the PGAF, or strong allies of it, such as the Empire.
Selkisto Horten: However, while senators may vote on legislation, representatives may not.

Kyr Kittaj: What right now are the greatest concerns for the PGA now that the senate has been established?

Selkisto Horten: Growth, and defense- that is, economic growth to increase the overall standard of living within PGA space, as well as including planets and systems which voluntarily wish to join the PGA and are willing to uphold its bill of rights and other general laws. Defense would be strengthening the military and the security of the PGA against the Sith and the Remnant.

Kyr Kittaj: You do not intend to take any offensive actions right now then

Selkisto Horten: Outside of direct security, offensive actions need to be approved by the senate.

Kyr Kittaj: I see. Now there were some conflicting reports recently about an attack at the Rendili ship yards. Is it true they were taken by force?

Selkisto Horten: It's still being investigated.

Kyr Kittaj: You.. are not certain who currently controls them?

Selkisto Horten shakes his head, "Like I said, it's still being investigated. I'm not currently at liberty to divulge what has so far been uncovered."

Kyr Kittaj gives a pause "I believe that is all the questions I had for you at this time. Do you have any closing remarks for the public?

Selkisto Horten nods. "We have removed Ardonis, we have fostered the rise of a just Empire, with whom we toppled the Organization, we have repeatedly kept the Sith and other enemies at bay, and now have destroyed Wraith and created our senate. Our Republic is young, but it has established itself as a force for good.. it has made me proud, and I hope I have done justice to my office and made you all proud as well."

Kyr Kittaj nods to him and stands up picking up her recorder "Thank you for taking the time have this interview with me"

*Holorecording Ends*

An interesting take on the current events of the Galaxy. Is it true that Countess Jade has joined the Sith, and this caused her return to Onderon? For her to denounce the Onderon Royalty and then return so quickly appears quite unusual. Should this be true it brings into question if Executor Ardonis did in fact force the Sith to leave Onderon. Or does he even know the truth of her allegiance? Or is the PGA only reaching for reasons to condemn the Imperial Remnant?

A new Galactic Senate has finally held its first meeting since Empress Jael disbanded the Coruscant Senate years ago. This time not under an Empire but a Republic. Whether it can survive and grow in the current turmoil of the galaxy we will see in the coming months and years.

And finally what really happened at the Rendili shipyards recently? Even though weeks have passed there are still no confirmed reports about its status, and government officials will not comment on who now holds it. What does the PGA not want us to know?

Interview with Morpheus

Kyr Kittaj with the Galactic News Network. Following the recent Interviews with Executor Commodore and Chancellor Horten, I was contacted by Morpheus of the Sith Dynasty on Korriban to come hear their side of recent events. I was about to get an update about the current Sith hierarchy and their goals for the future. As well as news about the nature of the deal between the Executor and the Sith for Onderon.

*Holorecording begins*

Kyr Kittaj taking out her holorecorder and placing it on the table "well shall we get down to business?"

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'Of course…'

Kyr Kittaj clicks the recorder on "I'm afraid I am not entirely familiar with who you are. Could you first tell me a little about yourself and your position?"

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) smiles at her, 'Of course…what is your name?'

Kyr Kittaj: Oh I am sorry. My names Kyr Kittaj. I had thought you already knew

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) smiles, 'Sorry about that…Kyr…beautiful name. Well, Kyr, my name is Morpheus. I am a Sith and I serve as a Master in the Dynasty Order. Twin brother of one Atticus Jetaime, a Jedi.'

Kyr Kittaj: Now the Sith Dynasty is the group currently in control of Korriban, is that correct?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) nods, 'Yes, that is quite right, Kyr. This is our home.'

Kyr Kittaj: And this position you have of Master how does that fit into your ranking system?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) grins, 'Well there is the Empress,' he scoffs, 'the Dark Lady….a beautiful one if I do say so myself,' he winks. 'Then the Shadowhand…after that there are the Masters. We get our instruction from those above us….and are in charge of separate areas within the order. Below us are Darth, Acolyte and Adept.'

Kyr Kittaj perks one ear a little "Empress? I had not heard of a new Empress taking over. Actually I have heard very little on the current events here on Korriban.

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'It is recent…our Emperor died recently and a former Dark Lady came back to fill the position. But this is really a big family…we all work together for the order.'

Kyr Kittaj: What is the name of this new Empress?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) grins, 'Lady Dolor.'

Kyr Kittaj: Oh I see. Yes I have spoken with her before. Though I believe she had been reported as dead. I take it this isn’t the case

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) laughs, 'She has been reported dead many times…death just can't seem to keep its clutches on that….beautiful thing. No she is very much alive. Bit of a kath hound, but alive.' He laughs, 'I am joking, she isn't a kath hound. She is a lovely leader.'

Kyr Kittaj: Now the question everyone has been asking lately about the Sith, is what exactly happened on Onderon? How was power turned over from the Sith Dynasty to Executor Ardonis?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) chuckles, 'Yes, I can imagine that is on everyone's mind, Kyr. I am sure this will be torn apart because there is a bias against the Sith. You see, Onderon was becoming a handful. And Ardonis came to the then Dark Lady…Imida. He was saying how he needed a base of operations against the 'false' Empire and PGA. Ardonis is a man with a huge ego…and much darkness in his heart. He hates the Sith, but would make a deal with us if it meant it would give him his power back. Well…we didn't want to get in the middle over a planet that we had no stake in. So we made a deal…we give him the planet, he treats the Sith with respect. He held his side of the deal for about a few months.'

Kyr Kittaj: You’re saying that from your perspective the executor asked for control of Onderon. Rather then how it had been stated that he essentially intimidated the Sith into leaving

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) laughs out loud, 'Oh…that is rich. I am sorry, Kyr, they do love to manipulate the press. No, we were not forced out. We merely handed it over to him.'

Kyr Kittaj: Were there any conditions to this deal? what do you mean by he would have to treat the Sith with respect?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'You see…we have been targeted by the PGA and Empire on Coruscant. They have an arrest Sith policy there…sort of goes against a free society right? Well, we didn't want to see that on another planet. So…our condition was that the Remnant would not arrest Sith merely for walking around.'

Kyr Kittaj: Speaking of Coruscant. Do you have any comment on the battle that happened there recently? Reports state that the Sith attacked the planet.

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) shakes his head, 'I don't know…I wasn't there on Coruscant. There are other Sith besides Dynasty. Here is the thing, Kyr, there are bad apples in any group. Being Sith is not evil….nor is it being in any group. Good…Evil….it is how the individual decides to live their life.'

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'The PGA calls themselves a democracy…yet they arrest people whose beliefs they do not agree with…no crimes committed. And it took them eons to get this 'Senate' up. You have an Empire and the Remnant fighting over one person…the departed Empress, Naja. They are willing to kill thousands because of a squabble between two men. Then you have Ardonis…Ardonis who does not care for the people…only regaining his power he once had. At least the Chancellor of the PGA BELIEVES in something…even if it is misguided.''

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'Evil is a relative term, Kyr.'

Kyr Kittaj: If you feel that strongly about Ardonis why did the Sith allow him control of Onderon?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) smiles, 'I do not lead this group. I only give my advice. I told them he would backstab us…and he did. But they did not know him like I did. People sometimes need to make mistakes to learn a lesson.

Kyr Kittaj: And you’re saying the Sith Dynasty was not involved in the battle on Coruscant?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) sighs, 'As I said I do not lie. I believe a few members did join the cause. but it was not Dynasty sanctioned.'

Kyr Kittaj: Do you have any idea what the purpose for the fight was?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) shakes his head, 'I wish I knew, Kyr. I do not like being in the dark on these matters. But the PGA and Empire have done all that they can to isolate the Sith…I am not saying it is right, but they have been operating like we are in a state of war for so long.'

Kyr Kittaj: And what of the Rendili ship yards? On the same day there were conflicting reports about it being attacked. I have been unable to get solid information about what happened

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) smiles, 'Yes I heard about that. I don't know the facts on it so it would be wrong for me to speculate.'

Kyr Kittaj: what about recent events on Onderon? It seems the planets government is in a shifting state. Queen Astra had been reported to be kidnapped but has apparently returned. do you have any comment?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) nods, 'Yes, I heard she was returning. My comment is that things have gotten out of control on Onderon. Ardonis does not care about the people of Onderon, nor the royal family that resides there. He has used Onderon as a base of operations to retake Coruscant… that is a fact.

Kyr Kittaj: And what about Korriban and the Sith Dynasty. what are your plans for the future?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'Our plans, Kyr, is to continue to make this planet the best it can be. And to be honest, we want to have a leadership role in the galaxy. But not as people might be lead to believe…we don't want to 'conquer' planets. We just feel we have more to offer the galaxy than the PGA or Empire. Or the Jedi for that matter. It is funny…some of the most peaceful times in this galaxy's history was under Sith government.''

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'My thing, Kyr is this…'

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'The PGA, Empire and Remnant are in this ego contest on who is best for the people…but instead of putting their views forth to the people to decide, they go for war. And war won't hurt that leadership…it will hurt the people they say they are protecting in the first place.''

Kyr Kittaj: I take it you do not have any faith in the new galactic senate under the PGA then

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) says 'It remains to be seen…I do not trust the authority that created the Senate at in the first place. I remember when the PGA was forming…Selkisto said he was not running. Yet he did….it always comes back to power.''

Kyr Kittaj: Does Korriban have any intention of attempting to have a seat on the senate?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) laughs, 'There are those who have thought about it. But Selkisto would never let that happen.'

Kyr Kittaj: I see. Well I am sorry to cut this short however I have heard there is a trial for Countess Jade of Onderon going on, on Talus.

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) frowns, 'She is on trial?

Kyr Kittaj: The details released have been very unclear. which is why I intend to cover the event. Before I go did you have anything to say in closing?

Morpheus (Justano Blachere) sighs and forces a smile, 'I hope she is alright….well, Kyr, I just want to say that life is a little more complicated than our leaders want us to believe. It is not as simple as good and evil. Everyone has their own motives and ideals that make this galaxy a complicated…chaotic place. But I will tell…the true evil in the galaxy is blind ambition. The quest to put ones version of what is right over all others. I also want to say, thank you for hearing me out, Kyr. You are an amazing interviewer. And lovely to boot.' He winks.

Kyr Kittaj smiles and stands up picking up her holorecorder "Thank you for the interview"

*Holorecording ends*

Yet another side of the current complex issues of the galaxy. The Sith are considered a threat by many other factions. The PGA and Empire on Coruscant go so far as to arrest Sith who are found on their worlds. Have the Sith truly brought any more trouble then any of these other groups? Or have they simply become an easy target for others to blame the woes of the galaxy on. With wars brewing good and evil become terms of convenience. Then again is the friendly face shown to this reporter only a façade to cover the Sith’s true actions?

The situation on Onderon becomes even more mired in conflict as it seems who is in control is changing every day. Reports now say that Queen Astra is once again in charge and that the Imperial Remnant is on uncertain terms with her. It seems that Executor Ardonis did indeed make a deal with the Sith originally for control of the planet, though the nature of it still remains debatable. How much of this did the Queen know?

Countess Jade of Onderon faces trial for poisoning Queen Astra. Though Jade pleads guilty to the charges the result of the trial has yet to be announced. Expect a full report on the proceedings within the day.

The fate of the Rendili ship yards remains uncertain.

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