Star Wars Weekly - April 5, 2009

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It would seem that this day was wrought with many conflicts….war is upon us.

A Declaration from Remnant

Declaration of Intent.

We the people of the True Empire, hereby declare the self proclamation to the title of Emperor by Christopher Novastar unlawful and unjust. The Peoples Galactic Alliance has interfered with the affairs of the Empire far too many times and must be stopped for their crimes against sovereignty. Their corrupt standing and intervention in politics not under their control has gone too far. We demand that the Republic officials involved in this action be brought to justice for this illegal intervention, and the false Emperor step down from the throne.

As the standing military body of Onderon, we are restricting all access to Republic and Coruscant Imperial personnel unless the parties involved in visiting declare themselves as free citizens not involved with the Republic or Empire. Officers and high ranking officials of either faction must send communications before hand of their visitation plans and intent for being on Onderon, in the interest of peace and safety of the planet of Onderon. Any Republic or Imperial member caught on Onderon overtly, will be detained for an unspecified amount of time before being sent back home or instead to a penal colony of the magistrates choosing. Repeated actions against the laws set on Onderon by Imperial or Republic personnel will result in war against the offending faction.

Duke of Onderon, Commander of the Remnant Imperial Forces,
Ardonis Commodore

Declaration from the PGA

A well dressed reported adresses the screen, "This is Wiger Toods with Republic Holo News. I am speaking to Chancellor Horten currently over commlink to get an official response to the declaration of the Remnant. Chancellor Horten-"

He interrupts the reporter, "Selkisto. Selk, if you want."

Wiger blinks and continues, "Err, Selkisto, what is your response to the Remnant's declaration?"

The Chancellor clears his throat. "Well, we will honor our Alliance with the true Fel Empire. As the Remnant claims to be a 'remnant' of a government which is clearly established and recognized, the Fel Empire, the Remnant is not recognized as a sovereignty or its own government… they're pretty much fancy terrorists. In addition to this, they're lead by Ardonis, a man who the RLF removed from power due to his abuses of it, and his repeated attacks against the RLF, finally bringing peace to Coruscant and the galaxy… however, Ardonis' terrorists have conspired against the Fel Empire, having attempted an assassination of the Empress, and assaulted Emperor Reagent Novastar, in our own embassy on Coruscant. He requested that the Remnant commander who did both of these be held in our prison, and we complied. Usually, either of those is an act of war, but as the assault was in the PGA embassy, it was in PGA space, and the Remnant later assaulted the embassy itself to free the man we captured for the crimes against the Empire I mentioned. The Remnant has comitted acts of war against the Empire, and acts of war against the PGA. I am not authorized to declare war on the Remnant, it is a power held solely by the senate which is on the eve of its completion. But we are obligated to honor the treaty we signed with the Empire, that the Empress and I personally wrote together. It calls for the PGA to aid the Empire with security forces where crimes against the Empire have been comitted, and the PGA's assistant is requested. We have been asked to aid the Empire, and so we will provide security forces to do so. As the Remnant has comitted acts of war against the PGA, I will be authorizing a crackdown on any activity in local space, and will present to the senate, upon its hastening completion, a strong recommendation to declare war."

The reporter pauses for a moment before asking, "So you will not be declaring war ont he Remnant?"

Selkisto clears his throat again. "No, as Chancellor, I do not have the power to. But I will be assigning security forces to aid the Empire in my role as Commander-in-Chief of the PGAF."

Wiger Toods nods, "Thank you, Chancellor."


The Reporter ends the transmission and shares a moment of silence with the viewer. "It appears the terrorist group, known as the Remnant, has comitted acts of war against the Republic and the Empire, and the Republic and the Empire will be working together to remove the threat they pose to the galaxy. This is Wiger Toods of Republic Holo News. Back to you, Kadra."

The Sith Attack!!

"This is Kadra Gall, Republic Holo News. In a concerted effort, combined PGA and Imperial forces fought off an all-out attack by the Sith on Coruscant. Visible from the ground was a suicidal frontal assault on the PGA and Imperial Navy protecting the planet, as all of the Assembly of Darkness' meager space fleet threw itself recklessly into an all-out space battle. The entire AOD fleet was destroyed, with only few PGA and Imperial casualties.

"Meanwhile, having broken the blockade during the fight, the AOD's forces of Sith, monsters, and bounty hunters attacked the PGA embassy and the Imperial palace. After a brief period where the PGA and Imperial forces regrouped in the embassy, the Sith forces took the Imperial palace moments before the combined PGA/Imperial soldiers swept in and wiped out the AOD group.

"I contacted Lieutenant 'Vampire,' of GAR, PGAF, about the battle. Lieutenant, what can you tell us about the attack today?"

The clone responds efficiently, "The battle was a victory, although we lost a couple of my finest troopers we still did an amazing job. The joint- defense operation with 501st and Imperials was completely successful. However the biggest success was not just saving the city, but building stronger ties with the Imperials. Those who have died will not be forgotten."

Another clone close by adds, "The battle was hard fought but what matters is…..we got ration bars in the end."

The reporter nods, "Thank you, Lieutenant. I'm making my way over to an Imperial Knight.. what's your name, sir?"

The Knight turns to the holocam. "I am Vilan Narrth."

"What would you like to say about the battle?"

He pauses, thoughtfully, before responding, "Many died by my blade; I only wish there was more to kill."

"I…. see. I'm getting reports from RHN Central that another attack was conducted in the Rendili Shipyards. Preliminary reports are vague.. but I have just gotten in contact with a clone pilot nicknamed 'Green,' commander of Emerald Squadron, via commlink. Commander Green, what can you tell us about the Rendili attack?"

The clone's voice is tinny over the comm feed, "We fended off the threat very well. There were no casualties for my pilots and a few newbie flyboys nailed a few bogies. We destroyed our objectives in an effective manner… the boys did some things that they never thought they could before, and most importantly, we all got out safely."

The reporter asks, "What can you tell us about the nature of the attack? Was it Sith?"

The clone answers after a pause, "I do believe they were pirates. We have no intel as to whom they are affiliated with but I will say, their fighters had some wicked 'firaxa shark teeth' decals on them. Heh, heh."

Kadra nods, "Did the Imperials assist you at Rendili?"

Green fades out a bit before his voice returns, "-es, the Emperor himself assisted us, and he and one of his Knights went with our boarding party to defeat the pirates."

"Thank you, Commander. It would appear the PGA and Imperial forces worked efficiently together to end the threat posed by pirates and Sith against the free galaxy. This is Kadra Gall, wishing you good——"

Static follows before the transmission resumes.

"Takaki here… I'm sorry to interupt this lovely new report… but I felt the galaxy at large should be made aware of the events that took place…"

"The battle on Coruscant…was a feint, the Assembly's fleet was out of date, old rusted bulks that I am clever enough to know had no hope of threatening the mighty fleets that orbit Coruscant… the troops landed, a mere distraction, a force intended to busy the Republic and Empire. While this battle waged on a pirate fleet struck the Rendili shipyards, destroying all their defensive emplacements. The fleet then docked, and unpacked facility scale hyperdrives that I had built there to the main bulk of these priceless state of the art facilities… They were clever enough to suspect foul play on my part… and these hyperdrives took some type to make operational… during that time the PGA managed to send their strike force… but in the end the facility was mine," a harsh laughter sounds. "Good night galaxy, and now back to you Kadra…"

Static resumes for a moment, and the regular transmition takes hold of the broadcast.

Kadra seems rather irritated as she converses with someone out of sight of the camera, then her head returns to the center of the screen, a serene smile on her face. "Republic Holo News apologizes for the techical difficulties we just experienced, please disregard that interruption. This is Kadra Gall with Republic Holo News, wishing you a good night."

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