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We have received reports that a large mass of hyperspace signals have been picked up by remote Republic survey ships in and around the Deep Core region of the galaxy. As is well known, this region of space is a navigational nightmare with many space lanes opening and closing seemingly at random, with very few safe routes. The signal the survey ships picked up was astronomical in scale and magnitude, something that could've only been produced by a large number of capital ships transversing local hyperspace in a fleet formation.

The senior astronomers who were on those survey ships were reachable for comment for only a few short hours after they returned to Coruscant. They were then swiftly taken away by Republic officials to be debriefed. We -can- report that the survey mission has been scrubbed due to hyperspace wakes and eddies that the mystery fleet has caused, disrupting hyperspace lanes throughout the Deep Core. Travel by cruiser is now next to impossible in that region, only smaller ships would be able to navigate there without risking catastrophic damage to their hyperspace engines.

The mystery fleet was travelling on a trajectory that was off the local hyperspace lanes. If it were not for the survey ships sensitive lane-mapped equipment, they may not have ben detected at all. It is unknown who this fleet belongs to or where they were going, but as the signal ceased shortly after being picked up.. one should assume they dropped out of hyperspace somewhere in the Deep Core.

Imperial Command forced off Coruscant

Imperial City, Coruscant


Selkisto Horten stands at the balcony of the Imperial Palace, pulls out a small holorecorder, and sets it up next to the helmet, facing him. He pulls his commlink up to his face and alters it to record, and project through the nearby APT's speakers. He clears his throat.

"People of the Galaxy, and my fellow citizens of the People's Galactic Alliance. I want to thank all of you who participated in this battle, to all of you who have fought in past battles, and all who have supported us any time from the beginnings of the RLF to now. But what you have just witnessed was not a victory. True; Ardonis has finally fled from Coruscant, and the Empire's remaining forces, and their mercenaries, were soundly defeated. But the Empire has already been defeated. Men and women fought and shed blood in a battle that did not need to take place. Stormtroopers and Imperials- good people- are now left without a government, without a nation. This was not a war against the Empire- the Empire used to strive for peace, peace through order, and power. It was a war against the corrupt man who lead it, who held onto it with an iron grip, and caused the suffering of many; even those who looked to him for leadership. The people of the galaxy have spoken- it's time for a new peace, a peace through harmony, through negotiation, through the equal distribution of rights and the ensuring of protection for all. But at the same time, the highest officials of our government are held to the same laws as the most downtrodden denizen of the poorest sectors of our galaxy. No one is a god, and no one is alone. There will be justice, but there will also be mercy.

"And so, in the spirit of mercy, I am asking all citizens of the PGA to reach out to Imperials and former Imperials. Do not descriminate against them when they look for work, and do not harm them if they speak their minds. They are entitled to the same rights as any being born into this universe. And they fought for what they believed in, not unlike many of us. They will be respected. They will not be oppressed. And if they wish to become citizens of the PGA, they will be welcomed with open arms; but if they do not, they are deliberate non-citizens, same as anyone else who willingly choses not to.

"I am aware that there are Imperials who are now homeless and jobless. This was not our intention, and it is now something we must work to solve. My first proposal to the PGA senate, once it is formed, will be legislation I call the 'Stormtrooper Clemency Act.'"

Shiri Tuum creeps forward along the walkway, moving behind Selkisto to inch her head into the recording. Her blue mopped features appeared to be floating in from the side of the camera, she stared down at it absent mindedly. /

Selkisto Horten blinks and grins, then turns to Shiri. "Could you please step back?"

Shiri Tuum looks up to Selkisto with a blank expression on her face. "Y.. Yeah, sorry.." she replied in her quiet childish voice. Inching back.. On camera it looked like she sort of floated side ways out of the shot in a very cartoonish fashion.

Selkisto continues, " I propose that a program be created to spread awareness to all Imperials and former Imperials; they are to be offered citizenship, and even if they do not accept it, that they are to be offered housing, veterans benefits, and entry into an employment program.

"If the Fel ascendancy returns, or if any man or woman can legally accept reponsibility for leadership of the Empire, and they do not pose a threat to the PGA, and are willing to coexist peacefully with us, then we will support them, in the pursuit of peace. If they wish to join the PGA, they too will be welcomed. But until that time, I declare the Empire dissolved. The war is over. If any still fight for the Empire, they are criminals under the People's Galactic Alliance.

"If any listening have questions, they may now ask, and I will do my best to answer them."

Ronet Korr steps forward, "What is happening with the Empress?"

Selkisto pauses, "The Empress is missing, presumed dead."

Ronet Korr nods "And Ardonis?"

Selkisto Horten shakes his head. "Disappeared. He is considered the People's Most Wanted, and is to be considered an Enemy of the Republic. He is to be met with lethal force if he is ever seen in PGA space, by members of the PGA Armed Forces."

Ronet Korr asks, "So you are not willing to give him a fresh start in the PGA? Or even giving him the chance…"

Selkisto Horten shakes his head again fervently. "Ardonis had his chance. He used that chance to go back on a treaty he agreed to until he declared control over Coruscant."

Ronet Korr continues, "But at that time wasn't Coruscant still under empire rule…considering the PGA wasn't and sitll isn't fully up…"

Selkisto says simly, "Coruscant was not truly under Imperial rule, not since the Empress tried to meet with, and join, the RLF, now PGA. The PGA is now established, but senatorial elections are still in progress."

Zenn Occidian steps forward, "What will the PGA do now?"

Selkisto Horten thinks for a minute before responding, "The PGA, as far as I'm concerned, will not go on a Sith-hunt, chasing the Imperial remnant to the ends of the galaxy. We will focus on improving the quality of life for our citizens, and those in PGA space while increasing security. We will hold senatorial elections soon, and then Vice Chancellor Kohime will chair the first Senatorial Congregation."

Zenn Occidian nods, "Thank you, Chancellor."

Selkisto Horten smiles, "Thank you, Zenn. Are there any other questions?" He glances around before leaning forward after a violent fit of coughing is heard. "Are you alright?"

Zenn Occidian with a grunt, he says, "Yes, Chancellor, I'm alright."

Selkisto Horten frowns and nods slowly, "If there are no other questions… thank you for listening. Goodnight, peoples of the galaxy. I hope you will join me in efforts for a brighter future." He steps back, and the recording fades out.

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