Star Wars Weekly - February 1, 2009

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[0:05] General Baxton nodded his head as the Holonet turned on and began recording. The Stream coming in on all channels over the Holonet News. He spoke up as he looked to Riley… "On your knees for your crimes."

[0:06] Raven stands still swinning her upper body back and forth humming the funeral song
[0:06] Riley West (Brok Kondor) Head was hung as he stood in the middle of the rooms. The sound of Naja's laughter playing out in his head, and the pain it brought to him. He was so emotinally wrecked that he did not even hear the General speak.

[0:07] Cheeso Szydlowska walks into the room, not having just appeared in thin air.
[0:10] General Baxton reached out and grabbed Riley by the shoulder. Pulling him roughly to the ground onto his knees and spinning him so that he faces the Camera… He looked up at it and smirked… "You seem to not understand that the Empire having Declared war on the Sith, Means you do not come to Korriban. Through a small misunderstood recording sent to the Empress, She was led to beleive that her "lover" here.." he aimed a sharp kick into Riley's ribs… "Was in love with another. And she laughed at him as she saw him Tortured…" He said before the feed changed to the Camera footage of Riley being elecrecuted in his cell and then back to the group. He leaned down and looked at Riley… "She doesnt care for you. She laughed at you after beleiving a lie while you were tortured. How does that make you feel?" He chuckled slightly before standing back up straight… "Any final words?" He asked.

[0:13] Riley West (Brok Kondor) Grits his teeth groaning as the rib shot opened up the slash across his chest. He lay on the floor his chest barely moving up and down. The Generals words stinging harder then any of the wounds. He pushed himself up resting on his knees. His head was lowered, and a few seconds of silenced passed. He slowly looked up into the camera his face cut up, and bleeding. "Na—Naja..I Love You" he said tears streaming down his cheeks.

[0:15] Raven sighs throwing her self on the ground looking up at the violence watching the man in pain with the slight sign of pleasure
[0:15] General Baxton looked to the Trooper with the gun ready and nodded his head.. "Move into Execution position. He said as he backed away from Riley to avoid blood spray… "Then your sentenced to death for your trespassing. Though the pain you feel already is probably worse then death…" He nodded to the other trooper as he lined up for the shot… "Execute." He said signaling for the shots.

[0:16] Riley West (Brok Kondor) Exhaled deeply his body visibly shaking on the camera. He lowered his head, and bit down hard on his lower lip as he heard the General command for his execution.

[0:18] Major Graves (Synthos Graves) adjust his grip slightly, lowers the barrel, a muffled chuckle heard from under his helmet, he pulls the trigger to the echoing sound of a blaster bolt

[0:19] Synthos Graves gave you Snapshot : RR will slay and eject anyone in, Coronet Corellia (.
[0:20] Riley West (Brok Kondor) SHut his eyes tightly. The bolt hit him, and he remembered nothing after that. His body lifelessly hit the floor with a hard thud.

[0:21] General Baxton looked up at the Camera as he heard the body hit the floor… "You have witnessed what happens when fools beleive to play by their own rules. From now on, All trespassers on Korriban and Sith Worlds will be executed on the Holonet News." with that the holo feed shut off.

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