Star Wars Weekly - July 11, 2008

Your weekly news for the galaxy.


After days of rumors, The Onderon Defence ministry has finally admitted that an unknown quantity of space to surface grade thermal type ballistic weapon have indeed gone missing from its arsenal this past Wednesday. Red faced officials are keeping tight lipped about what exactly was contained in the missile's warhead. Ministry officials assure the public that they are taking the steps required to find the missing weapons. In addition, the Defence Ministry has reassured the public that while the missile is missing, it has left our planetary system. Therefore, Onderon does not have to worry about an attack. Seemingly the perpetrator of this scheme has other plans for the missile.

Insiders at Kazyanenko Armaments report that the weapon, a HK-9J delivery system, is capable of carrying multiple payloads and could be retrofitted to decimate anything from a small building to a medium sized city.


JOTA Master Lucas Atlantis, NOJ Master Abbra Erato, NOJ Master Brihan Takacs, JOTA Knight Sion Yoshikawa, NOJ Knight Vilda Kazyanenko and JOTA Knight Sakura Owatatsumi, were witnessed duking it out near the royal fountain on the streets of Onderon this past Thursday and using their force powers frivolously. It is unknown whether the group had departed from the nearby cantina, and were fighting over racing bets or if they were disagreeing over their beloved 'Jedi Business'. Either way, public opinion regarding the Jedi is down. The disgraceful behavior of these 'honorable warriors for peace and protectors of Onderon' makes one wonder whether the Queen should not be petitioned for the removal of this obviously dangerous element.

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