Star Wars Weekly - July 19, 2008

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War comes to Onderon


Reports have been coming in of a major attack by the Empire of Coruscant upon the Planet of Onderon yesterday. According to sources from both sides the confrontation began after Knight Master Atticus Jetaime was detained by Onderon royal forces on charges of terrorism. It is said Empress Jael herself went to Onderon to demand the release of the high ranking Imperial officer however the request was denied by the Onderon royalty. With Jetaime set to stand trial Imperial forces descended on the planet in a devastating attack that has left parts of the Palace in Iziz in ruins and left many who defended the city dead or wounded.

An obviously distraught leader of the Onderon royal guard who did not want to be named had this to say:

"It wasn't an attack, it was a massacre - mass slaughter. They stormed in, destroyed everything, and left. The Queen is dead, and her daughter is missing. Survivors like me are witness to the atrocities we've predicted the Empire would use upon those who opposed them. I just hope the suffering of Onderon will enlighten the leaders of other worlds who wish to be free."

The Empire released an official statement on the incident by Empress Jael:

“The actions of the Empire have not only been justified, but necessary. These rebels had the audacity to imprison a high-ranking member of the Empire. The Onderon royalty could have ended this bloodlessly by simply handing Jetaime over to the Empire. Their blatant disregard for Imperial authority demanded a severe response. Chaos is a state that we cannot afford. The Empire does not have the luxury of tolerating the actions of rebels against the order we are creating. Only through that order will the galaxy have peace again. So in defense, the Empire destroyed the source, ensuring it could no longer violate what we worked so hard to achieve.”

The Empire also confirmed reports that Queen Janick was killed in the fighting after refusing to surrender.

In the aftermath Coruscant remains under a strict military lock down while a large portion on the Imperial fleet remains in Onderon space in order to “Prevent any further outbreaks of violence”.

This attack marks a major change for the Empire which had in recent years avoided major confrontations with all but the Sith. How this will end for all involved has yet to be seen. However with the escalation in violence by the Empire and the death of Queen Janick, peace seems an unlikely outcome.

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