Star Wars Weekly - July 29, 2008

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The Death of Melanchol?


Imperial City, Coruscant
It was reported that Darth Melanchol died in an explosion on a ship high above Imperial City last last night. What we have here is a picture taken from a security camera moments before the explosion. The explosion was supposedly caused by the malfunction of a Sith weapon. Darth Melanchol is the only one lost in the accident.

There are also reports that there was fighting between Sith and a few Jedi and Imerials, including the Empress herself, Talmerith Jael. It can be inferred that the fight was over this secret weapon.

One of those in the spacecraft before the explosion was Master Knight Atticus Jetaime. When asked by this reporter what happened he said, "She saved us all." He then smiled and walked away. What happened on that ship remains a mystery.

Missing Weapons Located – Too Late to Prevent Disaster


Had the Onderon Defense Ministry still been in office, they would no doubt be reporting 'mission successful' with regard to finding the missing HK-9J delivery systems stolen from their base, as reported by the Star Wars Weekly on 2008-07-11.

The Jedi of the Ac'trayth had been investigating the peculiar behavior of NOJ Jedi Knight, Vilda Kazyanenko when they were tipped off to the fact that he had been planning a major bombardment of Ruusan, for some unknown reason. Rumors indicate that this Knight has been slightly unstable for some time and had more recently displayed signs of insanity.

On Wednesday afternoon, Knight Kazyanenko did launch a barrage of missiles at Ruusan, striking the Arena and the Temple. The loss of life and injuries is unknown at this time. Following his missile strikes, Kazyanenko made for the Ruusan hospital, where he poisoned another Jedi, Lady Kimmie Aeon. Bystanders report that Lady Aeon had attempted to arrest him, and this was most likely a revenge killing. Kazyanenko rigged another time delayed bomb in the woman's room and escaped the planet.

At this point, our sources report, the Jedi of the Ac'trayth attempted to intervene. Those at the scene heard Knight Sion of the Ac'trayth claim, "we're here to take Vilda and likely save a portion of this planet." Unfortunately, our Jedi saviors came too late and the bomb detonated.

The Jedi of the Ac'trayth finally managed to locate, subdue and treat Knight Vilda Kazyanenko on Onderon. It seems that his insanity and actions was a product of dark side influence. He is now imprisoned on Ruusan and will stand trial before the NOJ Jedi Council.

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