Star Wars Weekly - July 4, 2008

Your weekly news for the galaxy.

Master Lucas Atlantis Injured on Onderon

TB Press - Master Lucas Atlantis was found, bloody and beaten on Onderon, early this morning. A suspicious figure, a woman in dark clothing was kneeling next to his prone body. When approached, she fled into the early morning gloom.

Caring citizens of Onderon and fellow Jedi bought the Master to medbay for treatment. After much examination and a mental checkup, Master Atlantis was released.

Keep on the look out for a woman in dark clothing, a lightsaber and a face mask. If you see someone that fits this description, contact your local authorities. Do not apprach the woman, she is armed and dangerous.

Rumors from Korriban


An archeologist recently interviewed by one of our correspondents reports signs of nefarious behavior by the Sith on Korriban. The anonymous archeologist was interviewed in the Marymac Dougall Hospital on Ruusan, where he is recovering from wounds inflicted allegedly by the Sith.

The archeologist claims that he was always allowed to dig on Korriban. He’s quoted as saying, “I’ve always been able to dig. I knew the rules. Stay away from the Academy and give anything I find to the Emperor. I don’t get it! This time, as I made my way into a cave, I was suddenly attacked! It’s like they had something to hide!”

The archeologist was seemingly transported to his home after the attack and is currently recovering from lightsaber wounds to his left thigh and right upper arm.

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