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May 24, 2008



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A Message from the Queen of Onderon


Greetings Onderon citizens, after settling monarchical plans I've decided to hold a public address to the residents of Onderon. All is welcome, I'll be discussing Onderon's political moves, newly funded buildings and supplies, as well as issues concerning the brinking war.

Queen Hyacinth

Date: Tuesday 6/17/08
Time: 6 pm slt
Place: Outside of the Onderon cantina, the palace sits above and Hyacinth Janick will be standing on the balcony hilariously shouting her posts so everyone within chat range will hear!


Teleport to Onderon. Once in the vendor area, go to the teleport (it's located past the Onderon banner, it's transparent and has a picture of Iziz on it). Click the teleport, sit on the beam, and travel into the high role play area of the sim. From there, move off of the ship and out into the street. The map of the city is fairly small so you should be able to sight the palace and its cantina (the palace sort of loom sover the cantina). The palace has large red and gold flags and it sits above the cantina. The cantina has a blue banner above its entrance.

Here's a picture, so you know what to look for…


The Queen will be standing above the cantina, so gather close at the cantina's entrance so you're able to be within her chat range.

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