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Headlines: Assassination Attempt after the Queen of Onderon's Speech…Empress Jael Married…


Assassination Attempt on Onderon


Standing behind a shield and protected by two armed guards, Queen Hyacinth Janick was publicly addressing the citizens of Onderon this evening.

On her last line before the open shots took place, she mentioned diplomatic plans in order to maintain civil neutrality amongst the Sith occupying Vjun. Have the Sith been framed or are they the ones plotting these actions?

The shield was disabled before a couple of shots were taken at the Queen. The rebellion soldiers divided and tried to discover the origin of the shot.

It's unknown if the Queen is offworld or not but she is alive and she managed to escape by with no wounds.

Be aware and cautious, security has been heightened.

Here is the address the Queen gave, leading up to the assassination attempt.

Greetings citizens of Onderon. After settling the monarchial plans for a couple of weeks and strengthening the protection Onderon needs, I decided to come before you to speak on behalf of the most recent events. But first, for some of you who don’t know, I was originally the senator and representative of Velmor before the senate was disbanded. Distantly Onderonian, I stepped down from the Velmorian throne and came to Onderon to remedy the monarchial crisis. But I won’t rattle on with a lengthy introduction, that’s now why I came here to speak today.

I came here to speak openly about the rebellion against the Empire, otherwise known as the Republic Liberation Front. One of my zealous commanders acted out at one of the last senate meetings and tried to assassinate the Empress. As a result, the liberation front was dumped onto Korriban and the Empire disbanded the senate. The Empire was beginning to steal our voices, your voices. In finding the liberation front, one of my goals was to be entirely independent of the Empire—to remove the Empire from our hair because a government is supposed to be for the people, not for the higher ups. The citizens are our backbones of societies all over the galaxy. Why should the Empire treat them with such negligence? Has power impaired the Empire’s senses? Did they forget the classic rebel alliance that arose in the time of Palpatine? We, if unified and if impassioned to free the galaxy of the Empire’s coming oppression, can create a power far greater than the Empire.

After we were dumped onto Korriban, the Empire planned to infiltrate—seeking out this zealous commander of mine. Though I dealt with the commander, I had to protect my men and my ideals by striking back. Ambushing the Empire, my men and I traveled safely to Onderon. Before I came to rule here, the Empire had built an embassy here on Onderon. When the Empress refused to remove the Imperial embassy, I decided to take over the embassy—which was conveniently built under the communications tower, enabling the Empire the ability to listen in to Onderonian’s political movements and so on. And for those who are concerned about my commander, she is no longer a part of the rebellion anymore.

The Empire's hunger to conquer and oppress those who are the skeleton of our societies, the very thing holding us together… will be the Empire's downfall. And we will honor the traditions and ideals held high by individuals such as Bail and Leia Organa.

But be aware of this, I will protect Onderon to the best of my ability but the Empire and other planetary factions in support of the Imperial government views us as a threat. But we, the rebellion, have successfully crippled the Empire for the time being. And so, the RLF will steer away from the Empire—at least for now, so we’re to gain allies and stabilize supplies. Onderon, however, will be protected by both the rebellion soldiers and Onderon’s royal forces. Onderon will also be consistent in its funding to other planetary factions supporting the rebellion and the imports have been steady thanks to Kashyyyk. A diplomatic trading route has been set up in Vjun as well to maintain civil neutrality amongst the Sith.

*The forcefield bubble around the Queen sputters, flickering, something is wrong with the field's power supply. The next instant, it fails entirely, deactivating and leaving the queen entirely undefended on the ledge. Several seconds later, the screen behind the queen shatters, sparks flying. Someone somewhere just tried to shoot the queen on the ledge.*

The Empress' Secret Wedding


There are reports that Empress Talmerith Jael married Master Knight Atticus Jetaime at an undisclosed location last night. We wish the Empress and the Master Knight all the best.

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