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NOJ Office on Onderon Suffers Bombing Attack

NOJ Knight, Vilda Kazyanenko suffered light injuries due to stone fragments caused by the bomb exploding as he entered the office Thursday morning. The bombing is currently under investigation. While no motive is currently known, various tips have pointed to the NEXT or Consortium terrorist groups and clues indicate there might be Selkath involvement. If anyone has information about the bombing, please contact Vilda Kazyanenko, Jedi Knight.


Notice from the Queen of Onderon

On behalf of the Empire, a business has opened for the sake of civil neutralities between the people of Coruscant and Onderon. After an endless discussion between Onderonian Monarch Hyacinth Janick and the Imperial Empress Talmerith Jael, the two individuals decided to open up a trading route business between Coruscant and Onderon. The business will be availible to any citizen looking to earn a plentiful credit salary on both Coruscant and Onderon. The conflicting political tension between Coruscant and Onderon has lessened significently due to this newly founded business, allowing citizens of the industrious Coruscant and the ever-wild Onderon to travel as freely and safely as possible between the two planets.

Political hostilities will remain at bay between the Imperial Dictatorship and the Onderonian Monarchy for the protection of its citizens. Turning the Imperial embassy on Onderon into a trading route dropoff area for incoming ships, the Imperials have already come to graciously remove its remmnants—emptying out the building for another construction project to begin. The business will open in a week and it will be called the Perlemian Trade Route.

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