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May 24, 2008



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An Interview with NEXT


Editor's Note: The following interview was conducted by Imperial City's very own, Reena (an initiate with the Imperial Knights) with the NEXT who calls himself Unrelent. To our knowledge, this is the first interview ever with NEXT. Thanks again to both Reena and Unrelent for this amazing interview.
Reena: How..olds yous?
How old are you?
Unrelent: <Unit> has been ::operational//in-existence:: for 57 human\\animal »years«.

Reena: Hows, umm Drod?
How long you been a droid?
Unrelent: <Unit> is NOT a »droid«. <Unit> is a <NEXT> »Battleframe«.

Reena: Do sox repreduct?? If, do..umm hows?
Do you have sexual reproduction? If so how?
Unrelent: Negative. Human\\animal »reproduction« is »>inneficient«<. <We> are ::produced//manufactured:: by »>OMNICRAWLER-<NEXUS>«<.

Reena: Now,…umm yous, Emo-tions chips?
Now do you have an Emotion chip?
Unrelent: <We> have no »needuse« for human\\animal »>emotionweakness«<.

Reena: Does da CORE-COLLOCTOVE repreduct?
Does the core collective reproduce?
Unrelent: ::Clarifyexpand:: <Core-Collective>? <We> do not use this »termname«.

Reena: Do CORE-COLLOCTIOVE gots ummm Hobbies, IF do, What Konds?
Do the core collective have hobbies? If so what kind?
Unrelent: Yes. <We>… :::researchstudy::: human\\animal »societiesbiophysical-makeup«. <We> exist to :::evolve//surpass::: human\\animal »weakness«.

Why are you in the Core Collective?
Unrelent: <Unit> was ::createddesigned:: to :::experiment-ondissect::: human\\animal »>combatents//hostiles«<. <Unit> was ::born::, to use human\\animal »terminology«, into the <NEXT>.

Reena: Does CORE-COLLOCTIOVE, Gif Bonefets?
Do the Core-Collective give benefits?
Unrelent: Yes. <We> :::offer::: »not-deathcontinued-existence« to human\\animals willing to be :::adaptedconverted:::.

Reena: Otay mes curioios, I momise, dis is Last one. Umm do CORE-COLLOCTIOVE gif Dent-dental?
Ok out of curiosity, for myself and I promise this is the last one…does the CORE-COLLECTIVE give dental?
Unrelent: Negative. <We> have no »>teeth«<.

Rebellion on Coruscant!

Several members of the Storm Corps defected from the Empire the other evening, releasing the traitor Acantha Voliant. At the Senate meeting, Acantha made an attempt on the Empress' life. The Empire does not take this affair lightly and will do all it can to rectify the situation. As of now, Acantha is public enemy number one. Please be on the lookout for her and report her whereabouts to a senior official of the Empire. She is armed and dangerous, so do not take the law into your own hands.

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