Star Wars Weekly - November 23, 2008

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An Interview with Ardonis Commodore

by Kyr Kittaj


Kyr Kittaj reporting for the Galactic News Network from Imperial City - Coruscant. After the announcement of the charges against Executor Commodore being thrown out I was able to get an interview with the Executor for some comments about recent events. The following is a holorecording of our conversation.

*recording starts*

Ardonis Commodore clears his throat softly, smiling. "First off, to answer the question, the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence to support any charges against me. But before I go on, are there any other questions you have for me?"

Kyr Kittaj: The obvious question would be what do you intend to do now that the charges have been dropped?

Ardonis Commodore nods. "Well, that is why I brought you up here. Do you happen to have a device on you capable of doing a live feed for the Holonet?"

Kyr Kittaj: A live feed no but I can take a recording and send it out once with my report

Ardonis Commodore begins speech.
“Citizens of Coruscant, as well as all other planets viewing this transmission. I come to you today in much distress. For the past two weeks, we have been subject to a new forceful regime of power. Our Planet temporarily in Chaos while the Republic forces their new change of government over all of you, even other sovereign systems have been bullied by this so called Peoples Alliance in attempts at making them join their government. I will admit to you now, the Empire has had its foul history as well as many unsavory characters, but we are all people, just like you. We work, we play, and we fight for what we believe in. The Republics grasp for power has corrupted them, turned them against their true intentions. Now once they’ve tasted the power they want more! In an unprovoked move as you have no doubt seen or heard about, Republic forces stormed into Coruscant and assaulted our fair city, and attacking Imperial Personnel for no other reason but greed and feigned vengeance. In this fight, I was taken as an illegal prisoner, forced out of my home, and taken to Onderon to be imprisoned unlawfully. If not for the brave efforts of Imperial soldiers, I may very still be rotting in their prison, if not dead.

Forced into hiding briefly, I took it upon myself to come back to Coruscant so that we could end this petty war. After a meeting with their appointed Chancellor, it was agreed upon that the Empire would be given back the Palace, as well as other buildings under Imperial control. It did not last a day before Republic officers were already causing problems in the street of Coruscant, disrupting the peace, harassing Imperials and non Imperials without just cause. This uneasy truce has taken further turns for the worse. The life of my fiancé, and unborn child are currently in jeopardy, forcing her into hiding. The charges brought up against me on her behalf were dropped of her own accord, but they still attempt at forcing her to testify against me. Repeatedly they have tried to kidnap the woman I love, even assaulting the palace in attempts to get her even before this whole escapade.

And this is where it must end. I have come to you today, not as an Imperial, not as a soldier, but as a person just like every one of you. Help me to stop this new tyrannical movement, forcing everyone to bow under their boot. Help me to drive the Republic out of your homes, and out of your lives, so you may once again return to the security and peace you once had. You will no longer have to hide in your homes if we are successful, no longer have to fear the bullying tactics of Republic forces outside your doors. Citizens of the galaxy, we must fight back!

Kyr Kittaj listens to the speech making sure her recorder was working. Once he finishes she asks "Are you saying that you intend to incite violence against those of the republic?

Ardonis Commodore: I intend to fight for what the Empire has already fought hard for before this Republic was even formed. If the Republic wishes to take this fight further then here, then that is on them."

Kyr Kittaj: Is the republic going to remain here on Coruscant?

Ardonis Commodore: Only if they stand down now and do not make this any harder then it has to be. I will gladly allow them to gather for their Senate, but they will have no power over Coruscant and its Government.

Kyr Kittaj: What purpose will a senate serve if it has no control over the government?
Ardonis Commodore: They have other systems under their control. They do not need this one. Their greed and lust for power is what brought them here. They were not content with what they had, they wanted more.

Kyr Kittaj: And if once the elections are complete the Republic wants to have influence over events here on Coruscant?

Ardonis Commodore shakes his head. They can have the diplomatic building as it was intended to be there for such a cause should it come back to the time of a Senate being present. Though any affairs concerning Imperial operated planets will be handled by Regional Moff's, acting as Senators on the Empire's behalf."

Kyr Kittaj: The Empire does intend to participate in the senate then?

Ardonis Commodore nods. "Unless this turns to war. Should war break out again, the Empire will act accordingly to the threat. If the Empire sitting in on the Senate will help to make the fighting cease to an extent, then we'll go that route. If they want to continue a fight, then it's a fight they will get."

Kyr Kittaj: And what exactly would cause this to erupt into violence again?

Ardonis Commodore smiles. "Violence over what the Empire has decided for its home. Armed assault, assault against Imperial personnel. And, the refusal of Imperial Law on its host planet."

Kyr Kittaj: I see. I believe that is all my questions for the moment. Thank you for your time Executor

Ardonis Commodore bows his head. "Thank you for listening to an old man rant."

*recording ends*

Given that the elections for the Republic chancellor close tonight at midnight is seems whoever takes over the role has a very uncertain and difficult future ahead for the Republic. Expect a full report on the elections once the results are in later tonight.

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