Star Wars Weekly - November 4, 2008

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Galactic News Wire: Imperial City, Coruscant and Iziz, Onderon

In an unusual turn of events, the Empress went to Onderon for unknown reasons…leading to an all out war between Onderon and Coruscant. As of writing this story, there are rumors that the Empress and others have died in a shuttle crash.

How long will the war last? Will a republic rise, or will the Empire stomp it down? Only time can tell.

Undercity News - 11/04/2008

Star Wars Weekly Reporter

Several reports in the Imperial City and across the Empire, have suggested the Storm Troopers fear the Mandorians. Reports say that this fear results to Mandorians being allowed to have free reign, even to the point of commiting crimes in public view without being arrested. These claims came in at such an alarming rate, that Star Wars Weekly investigated it.

Star Wars Weekly found that not only were the claims correct, but far worse. Even when Strom Troopers confront a Mandorian, they soon give in and leave with only warnings said over their shoulders as they walk way. This so called "peace" between the Mandorians and the Empire seems one sided, as the Mandorians only use threats of ending that peace as leverage to run havoc in the Imperial City's streets. One Mandorian was reported saying to a Storm Trooper; "The Mandorians are at peace with you Imperials, I don't think you want to make that come to an end".

Three events where witnessed by Star Wars Weekly alone.

An Imperial citizen and a Mandorian had words out side the Palace, when things started getting extreme when the Mandorian pulled out his blaster. A Storm Trooper on duty at the time did not risk confronting the Mandorian, but arrested the Imperial Citizen to avoid having to face the Mandorian on a shooting spree.

A Mandorian was pacing infront of the Imperial Palace one day, but what made it different then any other day was that he had his blaster out of it's holder. When a Storm Trooper confronted the Mandorian, he refused to holster his blaster. The Storm Trooper tried to demand the blaster to be put away, but the Mandorian came to the point in his boldness to almost laughed in his face. Needless to say, the Storm Trooper retreated and the armed Mandorian contiued to pace in front of the Palace. He was a risk not only to the public, but the Empire's leaders that come in and out of the Palace.

After a Dispute with a Imperial Citizen, a Mandorian pulled his blaster and began to fire. The Citizen tried to defend himself best he could and injured the Mandorian in the process, but he was badly wounded and could no longer resist. A Storm Trooper that was watching the whole thing and did nothing, finially confronted the Mandorian. The Mandorian when asked what was going on, seemed only to shrug and say "he insulted me". The Storm Trooper then tried to force the Mandorian to bring the wounded citizen to the medbay, saying, "If he dies mandorian, you're going to be arrested". Though the fact that the Mandorian assulted a citizen was ignored, the Storm Trooper tried to hold the Mandorian accoutable. But the empty words were proven so, when the Mandorian picked up the citizen and threw him over the edge of the walk way as the Storm Trooper turned his back to the murder and walked off.

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