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Galactic News Wire: Imperial City, Coruscant and Iziz, Onderon

In what is looking like an increasingly tense situation, the Princess of Onderon was held for questioning yesterday in Imperial City. Soon after, the citizens (including Jedi) of Onderon led an assault on Imperial City. After a drawn out fight (there are reports that the Exchange helped the people of Onderon), the Princess was released in exchange for Xoza Shadow of Onderon.

Moments later, the galaxy received the following message from Iziz:

~Hologram of Security Chief Jilea Legionary appears~
I, the newly appointed Viscount and Security Commander of Onderon hereby confirm the safe return of the Princess of Onderon. With the aid of Rebel and Exchange forces the Coruscant detention center was over run, and the princess was safely escorted from the clutches of the Empire. I herby decree that the Onderon Royal family, and it's beloved people will not be opressed nor harassed by the Empire. The Empire's tyranical rule of opression is soon coming to end. For over time the Empire has grown stale and rotten, and seeks to enslave the galaxy and enforce it's harsh laws and conducts upon the people. We the Royal Police force teamed with the Rebllion and other allied forces seek to liberate all who wish to escape the wretched grip of the Empire. Make no mistake our resolve will not be broken. Tonights events have shown the Empire understimates it's foes. Together we can unify and shred the bonds of tyranny, and live as a free world once again. A fresh vision of a New Republic waits idly on the horizon. The EMpire has forced our hand. It is time to rise up and embrace a future of freedom!
~Hologram Fades~

Is it war again for Imperial City and Iziz? Only time will tell.

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