Star Wars Weekly - October 7, 2008

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Raid on Korriban?

There are scattered reports that there was a small raid in the temple of Korriban. Witnesses talked of an explosion in one of the rooms within the temple. It is not known who did this raid or for what purpose, but sources say the Sith are quite angry by this incident. There were also reports of a saber duel between a mysterious white Twi'lek woman and Darth Dolor.

Assassination Attempts in Imperial City


Galactic News Wire: Imperial City, Coruscant

A week after the botched assassination attempt on our Empress Regent, it would seem there was an attempt on the life of her husband as well: Ex- Sith Lord Atticus Jetaime. It is reported that the Empress' husband is recovering fine and is not seriously wounded. However, there have been reports that Mr. Jetaime has been seen with the very woman who attempted to kill him. She has not been charged with a crime, nor has the man who was arrested for the attempt on our Empress life.

The attempt on the Empress occurred after a Gala in the Imperial Palace that was supposed to celebrate galactic unity. It is unclear how security let the man in with the weapon. The attempt on her husband happened outside the memorial in daylight. Can we expect more violence on our leaders?

The Imperial Scoop

A mysterious old man has been seen in and around the Imperial Palace and talking intently to Imperial Executor Ardonis Commodore at one point. It is unknown why this man hasn't been detained for continually breaching palace security.

Also, Imperial spies on Ruusan have delivered disturbing news. A large gathering of Sith not currently aligned with the Sith Empire of Vjun was spotted there, with one cultist leader apparently kneeling and swearing loyalty to the representative from the Dark Lords of the Sith; one time rulers of the known galaxy. If the old order is rising once more, it does not bode well for the safety of the rest of the galaxy. Although Ruusan is a Jedi planet, no Jedi were seen, apparently either killed or having already fled the scene.

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