The Alliance of the Jedi

The Alliance of the Jedi, was founded by Vilda Kazyanenko in 217 ABY. The goal of the Alliance is to serve as a platform for each active Jedi order in the Galaxy to interact and cooperate together with mutual respect. Originally used simply as a Jedi Alarm system that allowed all Jedi to respond to galactic threats, the Alliance recently transformed to a more formal organization when the People's Galactic Alliance took power from the Imperials.

The Alliance of the Jedi council, comprised of two members of each Jedi Order, meets routinely to discuss Galactic issues. This council is responsible for appointing the official Jedi Representative to the PGA Senate. The Alliance Council meets on Coruscant, in the Jedi Alliance headquarters, located in the Upper City Residences.

The Jedi Representative to the PGA Senate is: Lucas Atlantis

Current Members of the Alliance of the Jedi
Corellian Jedi Order - represented by Arinu Ling
New Order of the Jedi - represented by Owyn Graves and ZenMondo Wormser
The New Potentium of Unification - represented by Atticus Jetaime and Emily Howton
The Order of the Jedi Covenant - represented by Lucas Atlantis and Vilda Kazyanenko
Republic Jedi - represented by TBD
The active Chairperson for the Alliance of the Jedi is Jys Tebut [Jessi Easterman].

The Alliance of the Jedi welcomes all active Jedi groups. For membership, please contact the Vilda Kazyaneko, Brihan Takacs or Jys Tebut (Jessi Easterman).

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