The New Galactic Empire

The New Galactic Empire was the galactic government established sometime after 40 ABY. It was the evolution of the Imperial Remnant established by Admirals Daala and Gilad Pellaeon c. 12 ABY, which was in turn an evolution of the original Galactic Empire. Now in 220 ABY, The legacy of the Empire of the Fel Dynasty still exists. Seeking to bring about an end to the chaos and strife of the Galaxy and establish a stable government once more.

What does one see when they look around at the modern Galaxy? They see nothing more than a chaotic mass of unstable governments, personal paranoia and power hungry warlords. The time has come for a true force of order and stability to take hold, for a force that truly wishes the best for the Galaxy and has the drive and force of will to do what must be done. The Galaxy has been given a chance to adapt, to change, to implement the ways of democracy, the ways of the Republic. The Galaxy, however, has shown that democracy can not survive in these times. The Galaxy needs the Empire.

This is not the Empire of the Sith. This is the New Galactic Empire as recreated by the Fel lineage. The ideals of the Empire of today are first and foremost to bring about an end to the strife of the galaxy, to establish order and peace again. To protect the people from the horrors of the Sith and all others who seek destruction and war. In the many years since Roan Fel’s throne was taken by the Sith Darth Krayt much has changed. The galaxy has spiraled into factions and endless wars. The Empire has been splintered, nearly destroyed and recreated many times over. Yet still it endures, by the blood and devotion of the people who know it to be the one hope the galaxy has in these times. Here and now we will rebuild a foundation for the galaxy to stand upon once again. A foundation built upon Loyalty, Courage, Strength, Compassion and Justice. May we never forget the sacrifice of those who have died to bring us here, nor loose sight of the generations to come for whom we build a better future.

Leader - Naja Zsun

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