The New Potentium of Unification


The Potentium is the name a sect of beings who had a particular way of viewing the Force used instead of the term "The Force". The Potentium has held many incarnations…the current one being founded by Atticus Jetaime, former Jedi and Sith. It is the belief of the Potentium that a balanced approach to the force is what is needed in the quest for peace. Atticus' son, Aiden, and daughter, Jade, both hold positions of influence within the Potentium.

Atticus believed that the terms Jedi and Sith have hurt how others view the force in the galaxy. Thus he called himself a new term to accurately describe this new type of force sensitive…



Ashla is the ancient name of the Force…and since the force is all life, Atticus chose this ancient word to describe the members of the Potentium. The Ashla believe that the Jedi and Sith have twisted the use of the force into conflict that is keeping all species from reaching a higher state of being. The force unifies all life. There is no darkness in the force, only the darkness that lives in every being. The Ashla urge all force users to join them in their cause of peace. They have bases hidden all around the galaxy. But their main headquarters is on Atticus' home planet of Corellia. To protect some of its secrets, he has placed solid security around the perimeter in order to keep others out of the complex. Only those within the Potentium and its close allies know if its actual location.

They also own a large ship that flies above Onderon (contact Atticus if you want to be on the crew).

Code of the Ashla by Reena Kaje

Where there is emotion, always it brings peace.
No one is ignorant, especially when there is knowledge.
Passion is what makes us who we are, as individuals.
Sometimes Chaos may follow, but through Chaos peace always exists.
Through the force, peace will follow…

Main Members of the New Potentium:

Atticus Jetaime
Aiden Jael
Jade Kohime
Kishoshima Kohime
Natalie Sin
Reena Kaji
Emily Howten
Cyclone McLeod
Lucas Atlantis
Kayli Fhang

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