The People's Galactic Alliance

IC Info:

From generation to generation, there is one truth that cannot be ignored - the people desire freedom and democracy. For too long, the Galactic Empire has imposed their will on the people of this galaxy with the false pretense that we the people are not to be trusted having a representative government…that only the hand of the Empire can protect civilization.

Such thinking leads to corruption and war. The People's Galactic Alliance is the rebirth of the Repbulic…true representative government where the people have a say in how we move forward. Already, a family of planets have joined this cause, making the Republic a reality. Together, we will stand against the forces of injustice and bring peace and prosperity for all. Join our cause…be a part of the future

OOC Info:

Elections will be held soon for Chancellor, Senators and Representatives (Senators are the elected leaders of the alliance planets…Representatives are elected leaders of alliance groups). Vice Chancellor is the person who gets the second highest number of votes for Chancellor. The Chancellor will be able to pick their staff as well as run day to day operations of the Republic. They will serve as Chancellor of the Senate and set the agenda for the Senate. However, they only vote in the Senate in the case of a tie vote.

Contacts: Selkisto Horten

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