Name: <Unrelent>

Alias: <NEXT Dissector - Alpha>

Linden Name (If different from character): Dystopia Messerchmitt

Birth Place: Unspecified - Data not available

Occupation: <NEXT> Dissector, gatherer of data

Spouse: N/A

Relatives: The <NEXT>

Character History:
Designated <Unrelent>, assembled and designed by the shadowy, experimental, rogue AI <Giver-of-Will>. Initial sightings were made on Manaan, later on the planet Coruscant. Initial encounters resulted in extreme hostile response, ending with the wounding of several Stormtroopers, as well as several force users. Rebuilt over 5 times after it was forced to self-destruct to avoid imminent capture or defeat without neutralizing any organics, its mere presence sent the both the Storm Corps and the Imperial Knights running to investigate.
In a sudden and entirely unexpected move, <Unrelent> and several of its <NEXT> bretheren gathered in front of the Imperial Palace, proclaiming a new desire for dissolving of hostile action against the Empire, namely the Storm Corps. Their reasoning, as well as their purpose, is entirely unknown, with the only investigative action being the occasional questioning by Stormtroopers. These encounters have slackened off, as they have nearly resulted in reengagement of hostilities, prevented only by the quick intervention of a Stormtrooper officer the <NEXT> have designated <Colonel, Deuce>.
Using some unknown method, the <NEXT> have come into possession of the security protocols and access keys to the Stormtrooper garrison, the palace, and even the senate building. Though no proof of such possession exist at this time, it is merely a wild rumor.
Alpha, or leader of the <NEXT> Dissector Sect, he is tasked with capturing or obtaining live and dead organic… samples, and experimenting via chemical tests and dissection. Many of the <NEXT> infiltration unit were created/converted by <Unrelent>'s surgical talents, removing organic brains and replacing them with <NEXT> pilotframes. Earlier, when the <NEXT> continued to show hostility to all organics, samples of blood were obtained from many key Imperial personnel, as well as organics unfortunate enough to validate the directing of sustained fire upon their pitiful fleshy beings. There is no indication as to what these samples could be used for, and the <NEXT>'s agenda is just as much a mystery.

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