Valthorn Hogfather

Born on Talus, ValThorn is raised within the arms of the Empire. He was raised by two very loving parents, in a secure middle-class home, and decided early on that he would follow his fathers footsteps as a TIE-pilot.

ValThorn was a good student at the Academy, gaining many friends both among the higher class peers and even the troublemakers. As a result of this he would often mediate during conflicts of interest. It was suggested he transfer into a school of diplomacy, however val refused, indicating he couldn't live with the thought of lying straight into a persons face. He graduated with top honors in his class, and proceeded into the Imperial Navy, working from Corellia.

Around this time his Father was killed in action over Coruscant, giving Val some time off. He attended the funeral, reluctantly giving a speech, as Val never felt good in front of an audience.

After this he requested a repositioning to Tatooine, wishing to get some distance from the core. He was repositioned above the planet surface, screening for smugglers and outlaws. After serving for two years with a spotless record, it was requested that he reposition again to Voruscant, as the war with the sith was beginning, and reinforcements were requested.

Val is distrusting of Force Users, whether good or bad, meaning that they cheat at life, and also being of the opinion that anyone with that much power will sooner or later fall to the temptation of falling to evil.

He is Loyal to the Empress, and will defend the Empire with his words as well as his life. Recently, he has been confronted with offers to leave the Empire, and openly declined them.

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