Wild Cote

Name: Theris "Wild" Cote

Alias: Wild

Race: Human

Age: 24

Birth Place: Nar Shaddaa

Occupation: RLF Agent, Jedi Knight

Relatives: Mother - Rhysa Cote; Father - Ploris Cote (status unknown); Brother - Selin Cote (deceased)

Eyes: Silver

Hair: Blond

Character History:

Wild Cote was born as Theris Cote in the refugee sector of Nar Shaddaa to Ploris and Rhysa Cote. His parents had been slaves who had managed to escape to the Smuggler's Moon about six months before Theris was born, and as a result, they had very little money to spend on anything besides bare commodities needed for basic survival. About a year after Theris was born, Rhysa gave birth to his younger brother Selin. The strain of two babies was simply too much for Ploris, and the man deserted his family, leaving the job of raising the children up to the weak and frail Rhysa. If life had been hard before Ploris had left his family, it got much, much harder after he left it. Ploris has not been seen since.

Theris learned at a very young age that he would have to find a way to fight for his survival. However, he had always been a scrawny child, so he couldn't simply bully others out of their things the way others could. Instead, he resorted to stealth and thievery to survive, and he became an extremely proficient thief. This was partly due to a strange ability he had to sense people coming towards him if he wanted to stay hidden, so he had ample time to crawl back into the shadows as they passed by. This skill would soon aid him in other ways. His brother, Selin, also proved an efficient thief, as he developed into an excellent slicer, and the two brothers began to eke out a decent living.

When Theris was nine, he was approached by a boy of about sixteen by the name of Errim Struss. Errim was the leader of a gang known as the Black Rawwks, a fairly well-renowned gang which was known for its proficiency at getting away from any situation cleanly, be it a thievery, a gang fight, or even a crime scene. Errim invited Wild and Selin to join the gang, promising that he would be able to provide for the two boys far better than they could provide for themselves, and that they would have more for their mother, who had come down with a gauntlet of diseases after Ploris had left them. Dazzled by the promises of a rich life, Theris and Selin eagerly agreed to Errim's proposition. For about the next six years, they helped the Black Rawwks to become one of the foremost children's gangs on Nar Shaddaa. One of their most famous jobs involved actually stealing from a military base, which equipped the children with military-grade weaponry. This boon gave them a psychological and technological edge over the competition. By the time Theris was fifteen, he was one of the chief lieutenants of the Rawwks. However, disaster was soon to strike him in a way that would change his life forever.

Errim swore that the Rawwks would be able to steal from a wealthy merchant in one of the top levels of Nar Shaddaa, and he comissioned the Cote brothers for the job. Theris and Selin managed to get inside of the shop and steal some of the credits when a stranger in white robes arrived. The boys panicked, but the man chased them as they ran through the streets. Theris was able to hide, but Selin was not so lucky. Theris watched in horror as the man pulled out a blue lightsaber and killed Selin. Because of the blue lightsaber, Theris believed the man to be one of the Jedi Knights he had heard so much about, and as a result, he developed a deep hatred for the Jedi and their order. He especially hated their code, since that code, he believed, had been able to slaughter an innocent boy. Worse, because they were unable to complete their objective, Errim kicked Theris out of the Rawwks. Theris decided that he'd had enough of Nar Shaddaa. He had always wondered what was among the stars, and he figured that he had enough skill to stow away on ships as they came and went. He changed his name to "Wild" to fit his new roaming style, and he caught the next frieghter out of Nar Shaddaa.

For the next nine years or so, Wild travelled the galaxy doing various kinds of work, some of it legit, other times not. He picked up a variety of skills during this time, including basic mechanics, medical training, food preperation, and flying, among other skills. However, he began to grow bored with this nomadic lifestyle, and decided to try some steady work for a change. He ended up on Coruscant and joined the Imperial Navy as a TIE pilot. Although he did very little as a pilot, he managed to make ties with a variety of people - including a person who would change his life forever.

While touring the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Wild's old skill of sensing came into use when he found the spirit of the recently deceased Jedi Master, Charrak Tokhes. The Killik Jedi informed Wild of his latent Force-Sensitivity, and offered to train him. Wild agreed, and through Charrak, he learned the basics of how to use the Force. Soon after this, he accidentally discovered a hyperspace route to Zonoma Sekot, home of the Potentium Order. The Potentium Order taught Wild their philosophies on the Force and basic lightsaber combat. Wild eventually developed his own ideas on the Force, sort of a mix of the Jedi and Potentium teachings. As a result, he came to think of himself as a Grey Jedi, though the centerpoint of his philosophy was to always do what he thought was right. The Grey philosophy allowed him to perform acts of goodwill while not following what he saw as the flawed teachings of the Jedi that had killed his younger brother *and* to remain cynical about all other philosophies of hte Force. This philosophy would also drive him to one of the major decisions of his life.

Shortly after he transferred to the Imperial Intelligence Bureau, a number of people began defecting to the new Republic Liberation Front. Wild, seizing the opportunity to rebel against a system he was growing to dislike, especially because of the growing hostility of Talmereth Jael. The final straw was when he was attacked by Imperials on the streets of Coruscant for no apparent reason. He defected to the RLF and became an agent for the recently crowned Hyacinth Janick. Wild became her eyes and ears, and managed to uncover several important events, such as an Imperial plot to spy on the new RLF base on Onderon. Also during this time, Charrak tested Wild in his Force abilities and proclaimed him a Jedi Knight, though his passing came at the cost of her own life, as Wild had been force to purify her evil spirit as his test. Wild approached the Jedi Order, and managed to convince them to Knight him. Here, he began his association with the Jedi, a partnership that would help him increase his Force abilities, as well as render him calmer than he had ever been in his life, much to his surprise.

One of Wild's more recent jobs was the protection of the Queen of Onderon as she gave her address about the war with the Empire. Although he failed in this job, he was still honored that the Queen would select him as one of her guards, and he was glad that he at least managed to help preserve her life. Currently, he has several projects for both the Jedi and the RLF. He has become a fairly accomplished Jedi and agent, and has finally found something that makes him feel as though he can finally make a difference in the galaxy.

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